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Monster Energy 

Mission Foods 
MLB & Geico
Cyber Punk Dreams
Natural Selection 
Minecraft: Porkchop 

Services Offered

  • Radio & TV commercials

  • Pre-roll & digital ads

  • Announcements for        businesses, conferences,    events, musical festivals &  transit systems

  • eLearning & educational  content

  • Apps & games

  • Film & television narration

  • Phone & IVR greetings

  • Tours for real estate listings,   museums & buildings

  • PSAs

  • Promos & trailers

  • Podcast intros & outros

  • Explainer videos

  • Corporate narrations

13: Video Game 

Why Danny?

  • Services come with unlimited tone and style revisions. (excludes script changes)

  • Live Direct Sessions available.

  • Multiple voiced versions of your script for you to choose from.

  • Every voiceover is professionally edited  and eq'd to sound great.

  • Top tier recording equipment used in my audio chain.

  • You'll feel like an appreciated customer from start to finish.

Email me or fill out the form below.
Dan Augustine

Epic Creative Director


“Danny delivers. Period. He's professional, he's humble, a riot to be on the line with and delivers clean files precisely the way you need them quickly. But what makes him truly exceptional is that he takes direction better than anyone I've worked with. That voice? The one you hear in your head? That perfect read of your spot? That's what Danny does: he takes your creative direction then produces a flawless VO. Every single time."

Voice it for me Danny!

thanks for your inquiry!

 Borys Oliinyk

Audio Dept. Director Plarium
Mobile Gaming Co.


“I’ve been working with Daniel for more than a year now, and he is one of the best actors I have ever worked with. Daniel is a professional and dedicated voice-over artist, his delivery is always fast and accurate. Both the quality of the audio and the voice work are fantastic. I recommend working with Daniel to anyone who is looking for effective communication and the highest-quality voice acting.."

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